Aug 1, 2012

Go SMS Theme Minimal Nature Free/Pro versions released on Google Play

Go SMS Theme Min. Nature ProMinimal Nature, a translucent and modernistic theme for Go SMS Pro.

Free and Pro versions available on Google Play: 

Pro Theme features:
- Zegoe Light and Zegoe Regular fonts (See customization tips below for setting this fonts)
- Themed icons
- Themed Popup preview of New SMS
- Translucent text entry box
- In depth theming of many elements that are currently themable(eg. Black bar for new unread message)
- Faster updates than the free version


More screenshots and customizations after the break!

Customization tips:
To set the fonts as seen in the screenshots, follow this steps:
1. From Go SMS Pro main screen, Menu>Settings>Advanced> Appearance Settings>Scan font packages
2. Now goto Conv. List customization>Contact font/Time and message font>Scroll down and select "Zegoe" or "Zegoe Light" fonts
3. Follow step 2 similarly for Conversation and Popup window customization.

"Zegoe Light" seems too light and thin for your eyes? Use Zegoe Light [Bold] or Zegoe Regular fonts.

Problems? Suggestion? Mail us at:

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